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Terms & Conditions

This Website is the sole property of VectorGraphicsBd.Com . VectorGraphicsBd.Com reserves the right & absolute authority to change, modify, remove, add portion of the site at any time. All contents of the website page is for general information & this can be change any time without any prior notice. Use of any information or materials of this website is soly risk of the clients & for this we will not be liable at all. Unauthorized uses of our website causes claim or damage & it can be treated criminal offence. Any contents, images, graphics, text or any other design which would be sent to us will be completely at your risk & responsibility for this. Major changes or new corrections will always be discoursed after the sample is ready.

Payment System

VectorGraphicsBd.Com will allow two or three images as a Free Trail. After approval from the client’s when the work will be done completely & immediately after delivery payment to be made. In case of corporate clients payment time will be extended after satisfactory reference. For regular Credit System for the regular clients will need to sign a contract by both the parties for make the payment safe & secured.

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